19 May 2008 - 7 December 2009 - Strasbourg, Alsace (F)

Subsidiarity is a word

AER's worldwide movement demanding recognition of the word

Press Release 7 December 2009: “Subsidiarity is a word” for Google, or is it?
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Press Release 16 June 2009: "WANTED: A Subsidiarity “Superhero” to Take Over Europe’s Most Unique Job"
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List of dictionaries not including the word "Subsidiarity"
Download list dictionaries
Open letter sent to dictionaries (pdf) and to Microsoft (doc)
Download open letter
Download open letter
Press release 28 July 2008 "Subsidiarity Man jumps from bridge to set new world record"
Download Press release phase 2
Press release 19 May 2008 "Subsidiarity is a word. AER demands recognition of word by Microsoft and dictionaries across Europe"
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More about the "Subsidiarity is a word" movement
Job vacancy: A Subsidiarity "Superhero" to Take Over Europe's Most Unique Job"
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Background about the movement
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Letter to UK Local Government Association requesting that the word be "de- banned"
Thanks to you, Subsidiarity is a word.
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Join the "Subsidiarity is a word" group on Facebook
"Watch the Subsidiarity Man videos on YouTube"
"Subsidiarity Man arrested for a word" downloads
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TV 4/3
Press clippings 2009
New Europe

<media 16431 - download "Initiates file download">Subsidiarity Man wants a difficult word with you (25-04-2009)</media>

Public Affairs 2.0 Blog

<media 16430 _blank>Ordinary mortals are more than welcome (17-06-2009)</media>

Aqui Europa

<media 16427 _blank download "Opens external link in new window">Se busca superhéroe (18-06-2009)</media>

Courrier des Maires
Régions Magazine

<media 19874 _blank download "Initiates file download">ARE - un "super-héros de la subsidiarité" pour occuper le plus incroyable des emplois européens (01-07-2009)</media>

Regional Review

<media 16426 - download "Initiates file download">"Heroes and villains" (october 2009)</media>

Bosnia Daily

<media 16429 - download "Initiates file download">Wanted: A "Superhero" to take over Europe's Most Unique Job (17-06-2009)</media>

Andy Carling Blog
Europocket.tv - AER Youth Video Blog
Press clippings 2008
Nezavisne Novine

<media 14555 _blank download>Jumping into water for subsidiarity/ L'Assemblée des Régions d'Europe se mouille pour la subsidiarité (28-07-2008)</media>

New Europe

<media 14544 - download>Subsidiarity Man "spreads the word" at Open Days (07-10-2008)</media>

Régions magazine

<media 14551 - download>Une tentative de record du monde pour "Monsieur Subsidiarité" (October 2008)

The Parliament

<media 17960 - - "APPLICATION, Press clipping, MANGO2-28-07-Parliament.pdf, 39 KB">Record breaking bridge jump in the name of subsidiarity(28-07-2008)</media>

Aqui Europa

<media 14554 - download>La palabra subsidiaridad ya ha sido reconocda en al menos 50 diccionarios (29-07-2008)</media>

Bosnia Daily

<media 14549 - download>Richard Medić, the "Subsidiarity Man" jumps from Mostar's Old Bridge (29-07-2008)</media>


<media 14548 - download>Una campagna per la sussidiarietà, la lotta dell'are contro microsoft word (July-August 2008)</media>

New Europe

<media 14544 >Subsidiarity Man "spreads the word" at Open Days (10-07-2008)</media>

Osservatorio Balcani
Jon Worth Euroblog
Civitas Blog
Vecernji List

<media 14553 - download>Hercegovac iz Australije za decentraliziranje bh drzave (03-09-2008)</media>

Arthur Devriendt Blog

<media 17965>Subsidiarité est un mot! (30-07-2008)</media>

Focus Magazin

<media 16438 - download>"Treppenwitz" (19-05-2008)</media>

The Parliament.com
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

<media 16440 - download>Das Fremdwort "Subsidiarität" (19-05-2008)</media>

Dnevni List

<media 16439 - download>U Bruxellesu uhicen bivsi glasnogovornik OESS-a (19-05-2008)</media>


<media 17959 _blank external-link-new-window>'Subsidiarity is a word' (19-05-2008)</media>

Europe and You

Interview of Michèle Sabban, AER Acting President (19-05-2008)

Courrier des Maires

<media 16434 - download>L'Assemblée des Régions d'Europe a lancé le mouvement "Subsidiarité est un mot"(19-05-08)</media>

Fundacion Comunidad Valenciana

<media 17961 _blank external-link-new-window>La Asamblea de Regiones de Europa lanza la campaña "subsidiaridad es una palabra" para difundir este principio europeo entre los ciudadanos (19-05-2008)</media>

Régions Magazine

<media 16437 _blank download>Državljanin BiH pokušao se popeti na zgradu EU (20-05-2008)</media>


<media 17962 _blank external-link-new-window>U Bruxellesu uhicen Richard Medic VIDEO (20-05-2008)</media>


<media 16436 - download>Campagna ARE per sussidiarietà in dizionari (20-05-2008)</media>


<media 17963 _blank external-link-new-window>Subsidijarnost ili smrt (21-05-2008)</media>

Salzburg Nachrichten
European Voice

<media 16433 _blank>Subsidiarity man fails to do spider tricks (22-05-2008)

UK Telegraph Blog

<media 17964 - external-link-new-window>Mindless European Union (30-05-08)</media>

The Parliament Magazine's Regional Review

<media 16432 - download>From a mango to a movement</media> (06-2008)

Bosnia Daily
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Richard Medić, Spokesperson / Director of Press and Communications, r.medic@aer.eu - Tel. +33 3 88 22 74 36 - Tel (mob) +33 678 695 235

Francine Huhardeaux, Press and Communications Officer, f.huhardeaux@aer.eu - Tel. +33 3 88 22 74 49 - Fax: +33 3 69 20 13 15

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